...If You've found an injured Raptor

Find a Federal Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator Near You

You can call or text Spirit Filled Wings 

at 248-953-5690 . Please be patient and wait for a response or call back. SFWs is non funded, and considered a volunteer for both the state & federal government.  Most wildlife rehabbers have full time jobs.  Do not leave a message of location where bird is, such as, bird is on I94 near exit 220.  Stay with bird, if possible, until arrangements can be made to get bird to safety, or contain bird so it is protected until transport.  

Note:  It is always best to get inured bird to the nearest licensed rehabilitator.  You can go to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources website, www.michigandnr.com/dlr/, to locate one in the county where bird is found.

However, many rehabilitators cover more than one county.  Spirit Filled Wings helps in: Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair, Lapeer, and parts of north Wayne, Livingston, and Genesee county.

If You Have Already removed Bird

  • Keep bird in a cardboard box that is closed or covered.
  • Keep box in a dark, quiet place, such as, a basement, garage, shed, or porch.
  • Do not put anything in box with bird, such as, a log.
  • Do not take photos of bird,  handle bird, display or show bird to others.  This will cause unnecessary stress.
  • Do not offer food or water.
  • Do not wrap bird up in cloth (even if bird's head is exposed, bird can suffocate)

To Pick Up or Contain Injured Bird:

  • Drape a lightweight cloth over bird (not necessary to use a blanket or comforter, something like a round tablecloth is sufficient)
  • Put both hands on both sides of bird with cloth between you & bird  Pick bird up and set in box.  Close box.

  • Note:  It is always best to speak with a professional before attempting to remove  But, that is not always possible. Be careful, stay away from feet. Use common sense.

We depend on the public for help

Due to the large volume of birds taken in, we depend on the public, or finder of injured bird, to transport the bird.    So PLEASE understand, that we need your help in getting bird to SFWs.  Together we will coordinate a location.  

Be aware;  if you remove an injured raptor, it will be your responsibility to transport bird to federal rehabilitator - in otherwords, you cannot put bird back.

Write Down Location Where Bird was Found

This is extremely important; Spirit Filled Wings makes every attempt to return bird to location where it was found.    

Documenting address, or landmarks near location can be very helpful.