• Parasites can be found on all wild animals. However, a parasite over load can cause a bird to become weak and unable to hunt.
  • A bird with a compromised immune sytem (such as when molting) are more susceptible and parasites can easily & quickly bring a bird down or even kill a bird.

This Eastern Screech Owl is the victim of a cat.  Feral and outside cats kill billons of (all kinds) birds daily.

In the winter, many ESOs fall down chimneys.  Please make sure you chimney is capped to prevent this.

Soccer  nets are notorious for capturing Great Horned Owls.  GHOs hunt in open areas, sporting fields are a good place for them to hunt and they often get caught in a net.  Please put nets down or away when not in use to avoid this from happening.

  • This red tail hawk survived his injury (either frostbite or electrocution, its difficult to tell as they both display similar symptoms).
  • Unfortunately, they leg suffered loss of circulation and it died, along with the foot.  These birds have such a tenacity to live, they can survive horrid trauma until they are unable to hunt.

This Short Eared Owl has a fractured wing.  Probably sustained by getting hit by a car.  

Babies from felled trees

Other injuries:

  • Birds caught in live steel traps
  • They are shot
  • They are poisoned
  • They come in starving
  • Held illegally
  • Tortured
  • suffering (methane) burns
  • Congenital issues
  • cataracts & glaucoma 

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