Services Provided by Spirit Filled Wings

Initial Intake

  • Intake starts with the basics:
  • A quick physical, which includes weighing
  • Followed by a thorough exam, looking for dehydration, trauma, parasites, broken bones, signs of poison or a variety of viruses
  • It takes 5 days for a thorough prognosis


  • Birds of Prey have specific needs for housing, often called, Mews
  • They have a variety of sub-straights to keep their feet healthy, nest boxes, & feeding platforms
  • Cages must be cleaned daily; it takes about 3 1/2 hours daily just for cage maintenance


  • we provide for ALL medical needs/costs
  • provide all non surgical needs on site
  • transportation to vets when x-rays or surgeries are needed
  • Physical therapy
  • 24 hour, day to day, monitoring


  • Birds must be conditioned/exercised prior to release in order to make sure they are ready to return to the wild & their injury is fully healed
  • Conditioning can be done in a flight cage or by creancing 


  • Food is the biggest expense followed closely by medical
  • birds eat a natural diet while in SFWs care
  • SFWs depends heavily on donations in order to provide proper nutrition
  • Cost would be $3k/month during peak season
  • Cost for live food used to teach the young to hunt can run from $500-750/year

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