Education Programs



Educating the public on :  the importance of caring for our environment.  This includes learning about the animals that live closely with us, even though we may not see them, they are there and they are doing a very important job.  Respecting raptors and allowing them to do their job, helps all of us.

Get Kids Involved

Getting kids involved EARLY in life.  The more positive experiences kids can have with wildlife, the better.  We have a responsibility to provide correct and accurate information, dispel myths, and teach the importance of ALL wildlife.  

Do not be afraid but be respectful, and life will be good!

Rehabilitation, Migration, Nesting Habits, & Who Eats What

Do You know all the owl species, all the hawk species, all the falcon species that live in Michigan?   Which ones live in Michigan year round, which ones only visit or pass through on the way further down south?   What do they eat?  Where do they nest?  

If you would like an education program,  call Linda at 248-953-5690