About Us

We Are Volunteers -- Please consider donating to our cause!

  • Being a non-paid and non-funded organization, we depend soley on donations.
  • Please understand that wildlife rehabilitators are depended upon to take care of orphaned or injured wildlife.   
  • Michigan used to have several federally licensed rehabilitators who cared for the raptor population.   However, it is an extremely labor intensive and expensive rehab to provide,  leaving very few people going into this area of rehab today.
  • Linda Born is the facilitator and permit holder of SFWs and has been doing this for 29+ years.


  • We are regulated by the USF&WS and the Michigan Departent of Natural Resources.  
  • Licenses/permits to rehab raptors involved both government agencies.  
  • Because we are located in a migrating corridor  (birds flying through Michigan) SFWs also carries a Threatened & Endangered Species Permit and Bald Eagle Permit, 
  • Before a person can apply for permit(s) they must first have the education and gain experience in both the medical aspect and behavioral aspect of these birds, 
  • Permits are renewable every 5 years and we must take CE classes in order to renew permits    All this is at the expense of the rehabilitator.